Humble Beginnings

After spending four years working in another SE Asian nation, Tom and Evelyn MacIntosh felt drawn to a rural area of the southern Philippines in 1991.  This area had a high illiteracy and infant mortality rate and was a central activity point for secessionist rebels. What began as medical, dental and midwifery clinics in minority villages soon grew into a larger, diversified focus utilizing Filipino national workers.  Today our  efforts involve medical outreaches, Education, Scholarship Programs, Values Formation, Disaster relief and development, wholistic livelihood training and much more.




The Values and Vision of PGC

Vision (The Kind of Organization We Want to be)

•             A mission that encourages and nurtures a ministry atmosphere characterized by the freedom of grace.

•             A mission that pursues a brave, radical and reckless abandonment to eternal values and the will of God.

•             A mission that nurtures deep personal and corporate spiritual experience based solidly on the word of God and accurate,    responsible interpretation of it.

•             A Mission that values deep personal relationships and makes personal development/discipleship for everyone, a relevant, consistent, challenging and fulfilling experience that steers people toward their individual potential in Christ.

•             A Mission that Focuses outwardly in the loving spirit of Christ as characterized in the gospels from the church, to the local area, and beyond to cross-cultural and geographic outreach in fulfillment of the great commission.

•             A Mission that builds a ministry culture which reproduces excellence and raises up leaders.

•             A Mission that empowers people in the ways God has designed them.

•             A Mission that strives to communicate the truths of God in meaningful and relevant ways to all and in everything to glorify God in a way that transcends organized religion and personal religious preferences.

Purpose (What We Feel God has Called Us to Do)

To proactively cooperate with God communicating the message, values, acts and hope of the Gospel across cultural, linguistic and geographic boundaries.  To empower ministers and missionaries to reach their highest potential in Christ and the works he has called them to.


Our Core Ministry Principles (How We Feel God Wants Us to Fulfill our Purpose)


1.            Focus on the neediest and most neglected

2.            We emphasize practicality over theory.  We always endeavor to make our outreaches relevant to the rea- life situations of the people we interact with using resources and models that are reproducible in that community.

3.            Indigenous sustainability. This is the metric for all of our  goals.

4.            Responsibility-based leadership development.  Leaders don't develop in the classroom.  We strongly believe in modelling the principles we wish to pass on through real life involvement with our protoges.