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Tacurong bombings

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Multiple bombings near our staff house

East Team: Arlene, Rhea

Tom and Evelyn

Co-founders: Mission Director and Projects Coordinator

West Team: Eden, Cecille


Community development is making peace easier.

National workers have a smaller cultural and linguistic gap when they work with minorities in their own countries.  By using full-time and volunteer Filipino workers we experience a faster and deeper impact in our communities. You can be a part of making a deliberate, hands-on impact by supporting one of these workers.   Ask us about being part of the PGC support team.

This work is made possible by the generous donation and prayers of people like you.

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Since 1985 the founders of PGC Foundation have been working with the rural poor in SE Asia.  Today we are moving forward in communities that just a short time ago were restricted because of armed conflicts.  Our dedicated national staff is engaged in minority communities facilitating medical clinics, kindergartens, tutorial programs, disaster relief, livelihood programs, farming and nutrition training, and holistic community development.  We assist communities by developing trust-based relationships and working along side “least reached” peoples while training them in skills, values, and the practical expression of charity to others.

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Ronnie:  General Projects Manager


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To personally engage with poor, minority communities in rural of Mindanao.  By developing trust-based relationships we build up individuals, families and communities to break free from generational poverty and to experience freedom in body, mind and spirit.

Break away rebel group settles near our school

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The recent period of peace has allowed us to move into new areas.  New violence is challenging that but we are doubling down and investing in new communities bringing a message of hope and livelihood programs that will give them better options than crime and armed secession.


Mobilization Coordinator

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Glen and Aljean

Operations Manager and PGC Administrator

We are developing inclusive training blocks that cover skills training, small business management, family farming and nutrition and values formation.  These blocks can be used by trained workers to integrate quickly and effectively into communities that are inviting us to work with them.

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